!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO GAMES TOMOROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The field is under water! No games tomorrow! ((((((((((((((((
Alexander Rupp on 2015-02-20 20:39:00
Carnival Party 2015 !
Annual Broomball League CARNIVAL PARTY at Papas (Saturday Feb 14). It is the most fun party of the year. Please get your teams together to attend. Costumes are required! Get crazy with that as we are having fun prizes for them! 1000 ru per person includes tons of great food and your first 2 drinks (any!). Pay at the door, but Teri Lindeberg (tlindeberg@staffwell.com) needs the attendance numbers so Papas can make the correct amount of food. Last year we had 150 people attend in costume and it was a blast –great DJ and then 2 bands played through the night. Would each captain please promote this event to your teams and come in mass –the more the merrier –invite friends too! Please respond to Teri with your team numbers ASAP this week. Thanks and see the invite below and forward to your teammates ))))
Admin (Breezy) on 2015-02-05 16:15:00
Teams are Now Re-forming! Broomball Season is approaching! Parties are coming!
For all those who want to play this coming winter, teams are now re-forming. If you have played before or have contacts with a team, then get hold of them and find out what they are up to. If you have not played before, email Tom Sauer at: tom@korsamedia.ru and he will help get you in touch with a team captain. This time of year also means party season, and Broomballers are not to be left out! The traditional 2014 Season Opening Party is coming up. See the Social Events page for details.
Admin (Breezy) on 2014-10-30 13:29:00

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Sat 7th Mar 10:00Finn Ladies 19-1The Galahs
Thu 5th Mar 21:00Atomic Frogs 1-0Pits Men
Thu 5th Mar 20:15Ice Pirates 3-4Atomic Frogs
Thu 5th Mar 20:15Devils 0-1Frozen Conflict
Thu 5th Mar 19:30Ice Pirates 2-2Frozen Conflict
Wed 4th Mar 20:15Finn Ladies 2-1Frozen Assets
Wed 4th Mar 19:30The Galahs 0-1Chicks With Sticks
Tue 3rd Mar 20:15It Disney Matter 9-5Frozen Conflict

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