*** Carnival Party on Feb 6 at Papa's ***
After a funny day of broomballing out in Skolkovo don't forget to grab your fanciest costume and dress up for the annual BROOMBALL CARNIVAL PARTY !!! ------------------ Party starts at 9 p.m. Papa's Place, Nikolskaya St. 10
Mona Krems on 2016-02-03 20:42:00
*** Games on Sat 6 FEB at SKOLKOVO ***
Dear all, games on saturday Feb 6 are played at Skolkovo. Andrew sent out the schedule to all captains. ///Please be there in time, start your games on scheduled time. We play games of 45 minutes and absolutely NO DELAY of following games !! /// ///Don't forget to bring the money on saturday and send name lists to Frederic/// --10:00-- ***Game 1 Devils vs. Atomic Frogs (Ref. Finn Lions) *** Game 2 Canadian Cougars vs. German Eagles (Ref. Frozen Conflict)*** ---11:00--- ***Game 1 Finn Lions vs. Frozen Conflict (Ref. Atomic Frogs)*** Game 2 Chicks with Sticks vs. Eishexen (Ref. Galahs)*** ---12:00---*** Game 1 Pazhalstasticks vs. Canadian Cougars (Ref. Ice Pirates)*** Game 2 Finnladies vs. Galahs (Ref. Chicks with Sticks)*** ---13:00---***It Disney Matter vs. Ice Pirates (Ref. Pazhalstasticks)***
Mona Krems on 2016-02-03 20:20:00
*** Until further notice no games at the German Embassy ***
Due to weather and temperature no games at German Embassy until further notice. Sorry - the German teams tried to prepare the best rinks ever for you but weather was against us
Mona Krems on 2016-02-03 20:17:00

old/archived news

Sat 13th Feb 10:00Atomic Frogs VS German Eaglesrefs:Ice Pirates
Sat 13th Feb 10:00Finn Ladies VS Eishexenrefs:Frozen Galahs
Sat 13th Feb 11:30Canadian Cougars VS Ice Piratesrefs:German Eagles
Sat 13th Feb 13:00Finn Lions VS It Disney Matterrefs:Pazhalstasticks
Sat 13th Feb 14:30Pazhalstasticks VS Devilsrefs:It Disney Matter
Tue 16th Feb 19:20Frozen Conflict VS German Eaglesrefs:Canadian Cougars
Tue 16th Feb 19:20Ice Pirates VS Finn Lionsrefs:It Disney Matter
Tue 16th Feb 20:30Atomic Frogs VS Canadian Cougarsrefs:German Eagles

Wed 10th Feb 20:30Finn Ladies ?-?Frozen Galahsrefs: Chicks With Sticks
Wed 10th Feb 19:20Chicks With Sticks ?-?Eishexenrefs: Frozen Galahs
Tue 9th Feb 20:30It Disney Matter 6-4Atomic Frogs
Tue 9th Feb 20:30Frozen Conflict ?-?Canadian Cougarsrefs: German Eagles
Tue 9th Feb 19:20Pazhalstasticks 8-4Finn Lions
Tue 9th Feb 19:20Devils ?-?German Eaglesrefs: Frozen Conflict
Sat 6th Feb 14:30It Disney Matter 8-4Ice Pirates
Sat 6th Feb 13:00Canadian Cougars 6-11Pazhalstasticks

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