Teams are Now Re-forming! Broomball Season is approaching! Parties are coming!
For all those who want to play this coming winter, teams are now re-forming. If you have played before or have contacts with a team, then get hold of them and find out what they are up to. If you have not played before, email Tom Sauer at: and he will help get you in touch with a team captain. This time of year also means party season, and Broomballers are not to be left out! The traditional 2014 Season Opening Party is coming up. See the Social Events page for details.
Admin (Breezy) on 2014-10-30 13:29:00
NEW Season!
Seeing as the temperature is below zero I expect the 2013-2014 season will be starting soon.

Should the President wish to get hold of me - to help with scheduling this year matches etc. you know where to find me.

Captains/Players if you need help with setting up new players players so they can log on to the site and be given match awards, contact me on
Admin (DaveM) on 2013-12-02 13:45:00
2013 Pre-Season / Christmas Party
The Moscow Broomball League for the 2013 Season will host a Pre-Season / Christmas Party on 7th December, 2013, at the German Embassy. The theme is of course, Christmas. The cost will be 1000r per person, which will include one drink and food. Everyone is welcome to attend, but to order tickets you must contact either your or a team captain. The cut off for tickets is the 1st Dec. Before the Party starts there will be a Rules Seminar, starting at 6pm. This is for all new players and referees.
Admin (Breezy) on 2013-11-20 11:50:00

old/archived news

Sun 2nd Mar 11:30Pits Men 1-15Pazhalstasticks
Sun 2nd Mar 10:00Frozen Conflict 1-0Ice Pirates
Sun 2nd Mar 10:00German Eagles 1-0Devils
Sat 1st Mar 11:30Pazhalstasticks 6-2Devils
Sat 1st Mar 11:30Canadian Cougars 0-21Finn Lions
Sat 1st Mar 10:00Frozen Assets ?-?Eishexenrefs: Chicks With Sticks
Sat 1st Mar 10:00It Disney Matter 6-0Atomic Frogs
Sat 1st Mar 10:00German Eagles 1-0Ice Pirates

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2014 Season Opening Party!
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