2016-17 Season
2016-17 Season

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2016-17 Season

From 2016-12-01 00:00:00 to 2017-05-01 00:00:00
A cold snap in November meant an early December start to the 2016 season

Men's Rankings
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It Disney Matter2414
Finn Lions1914
Canadian Cougars1714
Atomic Frogs1114
German Eagles1114
Team America414

Women's Rankings
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Chicks With Sticks189
Finn Ladies89
Frozen Assets09

Past matches
Sat 3rd Dec 10:00Devils 0-1Pazhalstasticks
Sat 3rd Dec 10:00Team America 1-0Devils
Sat 3rd Dec 11:30Canadian Cougars 1-0Devils
Sat 3rd Dec 11:30German Eagles 1-0Devils
Sat 3rd Dec 11:30Finn Lions 1-0Devils
Sat 3rd Dec 13:00It Disney Matter 1-0Devils
Sat 3rd Dec 14:30Atomic Frogs 1-0Devils
Sat 10th Dec 10:00German Eagles 1-0Devils
Sat 10th Dec 10:00Chicks With Sticks 3-2Frozen Assets
Sat 10th Dec 11:30Finn Lions 7-8It Disney Matter
Sat 10th Dec 11:30Eishexen 10-0Finn Ladies
Sat 10th Dec 13:00Atomic Frogs 4-8Canadian Cougars
Sat 10th Dec 14:30Pazhalstasticks 16-0Team America
Wed 14th Dec 19:20Team America 7-8German Eagles
Wed 14th Dec 20:30Canadian Cougars 3-4It Disney Matter
Sat 17th Dec 11:00Atomic Frogs 6-10Finn Lions
Sat 17th Dec 12:30Devils 0-1Pazhalstasticks
Sat 14th Jan 10:00German Eagles 2-15Pazhalstasticks
Sat 14th Jan 10:00Chicks With Sticks 6-1Eishexen
Sat 14th Jan 11:30Canadian Cougars 2-5Finn Lions
Sat 14th Jan 13:00Atomic Frogs 0-18It Disney Matter
Sat 14th Jan 14:30Team America 1-0Devils
Tue 17th Jan 19:00Frozen Assets 2-10Eishexen
Tue 17th Jan 19:20Canadian Cougars 11-0Team America
Tue 17th Jan 20:30It Disney Matter 6-1Pazhalstasticks
Tue 17th Jan 20:30Finn Ladies 1-6Chicks With Sticks
Wed 18th Jan 19:20Finn Lions 1-1German Eagles
Wed 18th Jan 20:30Devils 0-1Atomic Frogs
Sat 21st Jan 10:00It Disney Matter 15-3German Eagles
Sat 21st Jan 10:00Eishexen 2-3Chicks With Sticks
Sat 21st Jan 11:30Devils 0-1Canadian Cougars
Sat 21st Jan 11:30Finn Ladies 4-2Frozen Assets
Sat 21st Jan 13:00Team America 1-6Atomic Frogs
Sat 21st Jan 14:30Pazhalstasticks 7-5Finn Lions
Tue 24th Jan 19:20It Disney Matter 1-0Devils
Tue 24th Jan 19:20Eishexen 8-6Frozen Assets
Tue 24th Jan 20:30Pazhalstasticks 9-4Canadian Cougars
Tue 24th Jan 20:30Chicks With Sticks 4-0Finn Ladies
Wed 25th Jan 19:20German Eagles 1-3Atomic Frogs
Wed 25th Jan 20:30Finn Lions 13-0Team America
Sat 28th Jan 10:00German Eagles 0-8Canadian Cougars
Sat 28th Jan 11:30Finn Lions 1-0Devils
Sat 28th Jan 11:30Chicks With Sticks 4-0Frozen Assets
Sat 28th Jan 13:00Team America 2-21It Disney Matter
Sat 28th Jan 14:30Pazhalstasticks 9-3Atomic Frogs
Tue 31st Jan 19:20Eishexen 11-4Finn Ladies
Tue 31st Jan 19:20Atomic Frogs 1-2German Eagles
Tue 31st Jan 20:30Pazhalstasticks 22-1Team America
Tue 31st Jan 20:30Finn Lions 3-4Canadian Cougars
Sat 4th Feb 10:00It Disney Matter 7-0German Eagles
Sat 4th Feb 10:00Eishexen 2-7Finn Ladies
Sat 4th Feb 11:30Canadian Cougars 3-3Atomic Frogs
Sat 4th Feb 11:30Chicks With Sticks 5-0Frozen Assets
Sat 4th Feb 13:00Team America 0-11Finn Lions
Tue 7th Feb 19:20German Eagles 0-13Pazhalstasticks
Tue 7th Feb 19:20Finn Ladies 6-1Frozen Assets
Tue 7th Feb 20:30Canadian Cougars 10-1Team America
Wed 8th Feb 20:30Atomic Frogs 4-10It Disney Matter
Thu 9th Feb 20:00Finn Ladies 3-2Frozen Assets
Sat 11th Feb 10:00Canadian Cougars 4-7It Disney Matter
Sat 11th Feb 11:30Finn Lions 4-5Pazhalstasticks
Sat 11th Feb 13:00Team America 1-7Atomic Frogs
Tue 14th Feb 19:20Finn Ladies 2-10Chicks With Sticks
Tue 14th Feb 20:30Frozen Assets 4-5Eishexen
Wed 15th Feb 19:20Finn Lions 17-6German Eagles
Wed 15th Feb 20:30Team America 0-16It Disney Matter
Thu 16th Feb 19:20Atomic Frogs 0-1Pazhalstasticks
Thu 16th Feb 19:20Chicks With Sticks 4-2Eishexen
Sat 18th Feb 10:00German Eagles 9-2Team America
Sat 18th Feb 11:30It Disney Matter 5-8Finn Lions
Sat 18th Feb 13:00Pazhalstasticks 11-2Canadian Cougars
Tue 21st Feb 19:20Atomic Frogs 1-7Finn Lions
Tue 21st Feb 20:30It Disney Matter 2-5Pazhalstasticks
Thu 23rd Feb 19:30Canadian Cougars 6-5German Eagles